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search engine optimization

Brevard Web Design’s Managed SEO or Managed Search Engine Optimization is an important internet marketing factor involved with every successful website. By using our proven techniques, we maintain your campaign by staying on top of the latest trends and implementing these trends quickly and efficiently. Organic results direct more online traffic than any other single source. Increasing your page rank is sure to increase your visibility, boost your website traffic and your bottom line.

Our Internet Marketing service enables small to medium size businesses gain and edge on their competition by establishing a strong presence in the natural search engine rankings. SEO will drive interest into a call to action with the right internet marketing strategy.

Managed SEO Solutions include:

• Keyword Research

• Link Popularity Audit and Analysis

• Competitive Analysis

• Optimized Code Analysis and Recommendations

• Optimized Content Analysis and Recommendations

• Customized Link Building and Management

• Internal-Linking Recommendations

• One-on-One Consulting

• Account Management

• Rankings Management

• Scheduled Optimized Code/Content Check-ups

• Website Analytics

• Monthly Recommendations/Reporting

SEO Drives Traffic!

Many website’s are missing the most fundamental optimization strategies, as well as search engine friendly navigation. We will help to increase your rankings in GOOGLE and Yahoo by assisting you in how to improve the effectiveness of your code, content, and design. SEO is very effective at generating visibility. If your website is listed on PAGE 1 of GOOGLE or YAHOO, potential customers will likely click on it. However, this alone will not guarantee your website will capture your prospects attention and generate a lead or a sale.

An effective website will do two things. First – Drive qualified prospects to visit the website. Second – the website must answer questions, drive interest, and guide the visitor into a response – Call to action. Marketing consideration is a must in order to generate a lead or a sale. We will analyze and assist you in improving your website navigation and your landing page message for an effective, complete SEM, search engine marketing campaign.

PPC Campaign Management

SEO strategies often include PPC. We can manage your PPC campaign by setting up your account, building in analytics, and creating reports. Pay per click PPC has become the standard of the unknowing. As it’s difficult to redevelop large dynamic sites, search engine marketing (SEM) consultants initially turned to the pay per click (PPC) model to convert sales. Unfortunately, less than 1% of people click on these ads. As a result, Yahoo and Google have created unique strategies that drive that pay per click number up as high as 20% through the use of Search Partner Networks and Content Partners.

PPC Management That Delivers Results

What Makes a Successful PPC Campaign?
Pay Per Click advertising is one of the most targeted and flexible mediums of advertising available. In a matter of hours, a business can saturate the search landscape with ads and promotions. However, a truly successful PPC campaign is nurtured over months and must be constantly monitored, reviewed and improved. We combine these elements in an evolving cycle of performance improvements.

•Business Intelligence

•Market Analysis

•PPC Performance Enhancements

These elements evolve and change over time – and as such, they should be reviewed periodically to identify opportunities for improvement. Most PPC management firms do not incorporate flexibility and elasticity as part of their PPC management services. They are content to achieve an acceptable ROI and turn on “auto-pilot.” Is this truly what makes a successful PPC campaign? Not by any stretch of the imagination. Exceptional performance cannot be achieved on auto-pilot. Our PPC Campaign Management was designed to welcome change and to reach higher goals by seeking out new ideas. This requires testing, analysis and expansion into previously undiscovered niches. If your PPC campaign appears stuck in the mud or you fear it is simply not improving – you are a perfect candidate for our PPC Campaign Management.

A poorly targeted ad is the single biggest reason businesses overspend. This is why proper keyword research must be accomplished.

Keyword Farming: Researching, predicting, and analyzing the most likely keyword strings that a prospect would use when searching for you. Ideally you are trying to discover the particular key phrases that are most likely to convert into lead or a sale. The choice of keyword strings will maximize your ROI. PPC keyword research is a critical component that must be continuously analyzed for a successful online marketing strategy.

Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Take advantage of our advanced understanding of the “local” market strategy. Nearly 40% of all searches performed include a localized keyword component. Our local SEO services are a key component of the Small/Medium Business SEO offering. In addition to the standard SEO process we will also submit our client’s URL to the major local search engines.

Facebook and Twitter Marketing
facebook marketing

We can help you create, maintain and manage a Twitter and Facebook account. Facebook and Twitter for business use is an effective form of online marketing and can work for just about any business, in any industry. If you market your products or services online, consider marketing your website on social media sites. These networking sites provide the perfect opportunity to connect with your customers (and potential customers) on a personal level and market your brand in a manner that feels less like advertising and more like people getting together and chatting about their favorite topic – your business! We help you set up these sites, and can also update them on a regular basis. Marketing on Facebook or Twitter is a great way to expand your online presence and interact with customers in a more meaningful and timely way 24/7.