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Most web design services offer a few specific services and glaze over the rest. At Brevard Web Designs, we provide you with a full range of design services by seasoned design service professionals bearing meticulous scrutiny. Run of the mill web design companies will typically fulfill pieces of your website development with minimal standards, while often times out-sourcing the rest to overseas design companies that have little regard for website building standards.

Website Design Usability, Accessability and Compatibility

We make our websites usable and accessible. We build  our web pages by strict W3C compliance to insure your site’s cross-browser compatibility, making it accessible by all potential visitors, blog readers and customers who visit your site. Our user experience designers have had many years of combined web design experience that highly value website usability and functionality. We make sure we take into account what you as a site owner would like to accomplish with your website. We will design and create your website in a way that users can clearly and easily see what your website has to offer. This aids them in accomplishing tasks they would like to perform on your site.

CMS (Content Management Systems) for Blogs & Articles

Content management systems, or CMS (such as Joomla and WordPress), have become a popular way to build sites for web design clients. They offer a streamlined mechanism of developing websites that easily allow site owners or content contributors the ability to update their sites with articles, blogs and information content. A content management system like WordPress, for example, allows users to upload photos and articles, and publish and edit links and posts quickly without knowing an extensive amount of html or back-end programming. The novice and expert alike can both benefit from WordPress because it has many add-on features that can make your site more robust and engaging.

Website Graphical Content

In addition to coding and web site technologies, we offer full graphic design services as one of the core competencies of our web design services business. Web design services designers create, banners, website layouts, email marketing campaigns, flash animations, product video presentations and more. If you have an idea of how to promote your website, we can provide you with graphics, html and other elements necessary to carry out your marketing plans. Our designers focus on designing website graphics that are simple, effective and impressive. We focus on communication, branding, messaging and simplicity.

Website Design Pricing & Consultation

Start your website today with a free website consultation from Brevard Web Designs. We’ll survey your needs and find exactly what type of website you are looking to create. We’ll help you define the size and scope of your web design project and recommend timelines for submitting your content to us and delivery dates for items we create deliverable to you. Standard rates are a flat rate of $179.99 per web page.  Pricing for e-Commerce sites, or sites requiring advanced programming languages (ie. ASP) may vary.  Brevard Web Designs is the smart choice for web design and development. Contact a web design  specialist today!

Contact Brevard Web Designs today for a quote on a complete turn-key website solution made easy, affordable and something your peers will respect!

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